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Hello Alan. I'm reading that you have (or had) the correct wire to repair the fuel sender unit A0055423717.

This item is demanded for by a lot of our clients, but no longer available, and we are looking to see if you know anyone who would do the rewiring of these items.

Please contact me at
Thank you for welcoming me into your community. One day my wife left the house and returned with a Unimog. I put it back together and prepared it for bushwhacking and named it after my wife, Hilla. We have lived here in Luanda for 40 years, enjoy the bush and traveling along the Angolan coast. With the Unimog we would like to visit Cuando Cubango and Okawango.
Hi Andrew
I struck out with my oil pump for the 300D.
You mentioned that you might have a second hand unit for sale!

1. Where are you based and how much would you want for it please?


i have some high quality brake drums for the Gelandewagen . For details email me on
Christo, a mate of mine wanted to know what you were asking for your G300?


Hi Martin, really like the front bumper! Looks like you've also got a different rear bumper. I assume you bought the vehicle with those bumpers.... Do you know who manufactured them, or do you know who I can contact to get more information?
Hi Munga, what did you eventually let her go for? Regards, Brett
Hi Thundern 8,

Nice shorty that you have got, it is in a better condition than mine.

If I have some spare money I would have been calling!

Hi Stan, this is HW Short. Regarding the mag wheels, kindly could you call me at 082-6518914. Regards!
Hi Fritz,

I have an old pin-style front bumper for sale, but it has had a bit of a life already. It has been bent and then worked on by the previous owner of my 300GD, which I then replaced with a standard front bumper coming off a Professional.

If you are interested, I will send a picture.

Thinking around R 2 500 will be a reasonable price.

I have G300 CDI pro. 2011 model done 98000km, it’s in Botswana though and to sell it to southafrica its a hustle. You can contact me +26771149622/+26772769685
Hi Karabo. Thank you. I think the Botswana situation will be problematic.

What are the prices like?
Hi Ahmed,

Welcome to the forum.
If you are interested I have a very clean and looked after G55 for sale. It is a 2007 model with 238kkm. Used to belong to Doug Nel the previous chair of the G Club. Can send you pictures if interested.
I tis not common knowledge yet that I am planing on selling.
I will let it go for 700k.


Hi Alan

Thank you for reaching out.
I’d prefer a 350.

Sam Morotsi
I’m looking for a GWagon used my contact is +26772130029
Hi Mark. your name was given to me in the hope you can assist with a CV shaft for a Gelandewagen.
081 5959 604