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  1. Leovans

    SOLD: 15 INCH BBS Rims for a W460

    I have a set of four 15" BBS rims for sale as per the photo. SOLD!
  2. Leovans

    FOR SALE: Oris towbar

    Oris towbar for sale: asking R2500.
  3. Leovans

    FOR SALE: Parts clearance W460

    Parts for sale, prices below. Or take the lot for R5000. Early model right side engine mount (new price R3100: asking R2750 Brand new front mud guards (new price R4600 EACH!): asking R2800 for the SET! New Air filter housing seal (new price R240): asking R120
  4. Leovans

    FOR SALE: Original G Kumho tyres 265/60R18

    Set of 4 tyres for sale. Came of a G (original factory fitted tyres) Asking R5000.
  5. Leovans

    Melville and Moon for G Wagon

    Which year model 463?
  6. Leovans

    G Wagon Molle Plates

    In the top right corner of the page is the link to join. Click on it, then on the next page, download the app form. Cheers Leo
  7. Leovans

    G Wagon Molle Plates

    Hi, those look very nice. Have you though about joining the Gelandewagen SA Club?
  8. Leovans

    How to pronounce Geländewagen

    As far as I am aware, when the W463 was launched, it changed from Geländewagen to G Wagon.
  9. Leovans

    SWB Cabriolet

    SCAM! That sold beginning of this year for R425k. It was sold by Wat Swaai jy.
  10. Leovans

    SOLD! Gelandewagen 230GE SWB *With factory aircon*

    Hi, I sent you an email.
  11. Leovans

    SOLD! ORC Aluminium roof rack with top extension

    SOLD! Recently bought from a club member. Photos attached are of his G. Reason for selling: Changed my mind, not going to fit it. ROOF TENT NOT INCLUDED! Sold with removeable top extension as below. Includes Spotlight wind deflector.
  12. Leovans

    Looking for g wagon

    Would be tricky getting that G to RSA from Botswana.
  13. Leovans

    SOLD! Gelandewagen 230GE SWB *With factory aircon*

    As per the photos, I am selling this 230GE SWB. Factory aircon. Factory sliding windows. Plastic fender flares (not fibreglass). New stainless steel exhaust. Factory dual extra fuel tanks (15L x 2) Gearlock. Booxe rubber matts front, passenger and boot. Tires almost new. It's very neat inside...
  14. Leovans

    SOLD! Set of 18" G wheels * PRICE DROP*

    SOLD! Set of 18" G350 wheels for sale. R25k for the set. *PRICE DROP: R22K*
  15. Leovans

    FOR SALE: Diff lock switches for W460

    Only 3 left.
  16. Leovans

    FOR SALE: Diff lock switches for W460

    Hi will have 9 of these available in a week or so. R500 each. Diff lock switch W460: A0005455011
  17. Leovans

    WTD: RHD accelerator pedal lever

    Have you tried
  18. Leovans

    SOLD: W463 white OEM fender arches

    Cool beans.
  19. Leovans

    SOLD: Frontrunner roof rack with brackets

    18" rims with 285x65 BFG K02.