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  1. Heinie

    Gulf wings

    I came across the attached link should someone want to enquire. Seems to be Top quality...
  2. Heinie

    Last Social Outing for 2019

    Theo Vermaak has kindly offered Booyzynkraal to club members and their families for the weekend of 13-16 December. For those who are not familiar with the farm, it was the venue of our AGM this year. It is situated +/- 40 km outside Witbank. It will be a camping only weekend. For those who...
  3. Heinie

    Great Limpopo Berg to Bush Trail - 21 to 24 March 2019

    This is one of those Hidden Jewels of our beautiful country . A mix between Wild camping, Community camping and for those who prefer white linen, hot showers and flushing toilets Chalets. During 2018 five G wagens ventured on a paid guided trip through the Strydomspoort and Lekgalameetse area...
  4. Heinie

    Using 10PPM Diesel - 300GD

    Good day you Good People... I am sure this was some sort of a discussion point in the past. Of late I have come across more and more filling stations supplying only 10PPM diesel other than SASOL. In some instances they would also discount 10PPM at better prices than 50PPM at other filling...
  5. Heinie

    300D Diesel Engine for sale

  6. Heinie

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone -Enjoy a Blessed day.
  7. Heinie

    460 Rear Numberplate Lights X 3

    I am looking for original rear numberplate lights for my 460 shorty - any laying around somewhere? Heinie
  8. Heinie

    Dashtek Unichip - Professional Cdi

    I have a Dashtek Unichip availabile - Make me an offer I can not refuse? Nice Christmas present to yourself and your Prof. PM me.
  9. Heinie

    Indicator Lights Complete -front Top

    Hi Guys, I am looking for complete front indicator lights - Lenses and base - Please, please! Heinie
  10. Heinie

    Sacks Rear Shocks Part Number - 460 Shorty

    Could someone perhaps help me with the part number on Sacks - rear shocks for a 460 Short wheel based? Found a local Sacks supplier but need the part number - not on their system - Apparently they have started to bring in more parts for other vehicles - not G's. Never know, this could improve...
  11. Heinie

    Howley Moon Roof Top Tent

    Hi All "G" Men I am looking to sell my - Howling Moon RTT 1.4m Star Gazer - opening Roof ( Penthouse), plus Extention room with attached groundsheet. The RTT is still in good nick- New price currently around R17,000. Looking @ +/-R10,500. Regards
  12. Heinie

    460 - 300GD Shorty Rear Springs and Shocks

    I am looking for a set of rear Springs and Shocks for my restoration project. Current Yellow Springs are somewhat sagged - Shocks totally moeg. Someone on the forum were looking to sell a full set from a Prof not to long ago. If still available it would be appreciated if you could let me know...
  13. Heinie

    460 Front shocks ex- Professional

    Gentlemen I see quite a few comments around shocks - Professional and G500 currently under the FOR SALE thread - however, could someone please advice me of any DISADVANTAGES of fitting shocks from a Prof to a 460 shorty? The ones from the Prof are from white stripped coils and the 460 twin...
  14. Heinie

    W460 Front Bumper ETC.

    I am looking for a Front Bumper with towing pin or if someone could point me in the right direction to getting mine repaired - double skin tough. Also a Bash Plate/Sump guard and two front corners/beadings on the roof/ gutter above the windscreen. Gauteng area please. Heinie
  15. Heinie

    For Sale - G 300 CDI PROF 2014 MODEL

    Availabile at Executive Toys Rivonia - R949,000 with 15,000km and some extras. Contact Kevin Collings 071 332 5147 011 803 4181 kevin[at]executive-toys.co.za executiveToys Rivonia Sales Consultant
  16. Heinie

    Mercedes Benz GLG

    :lol:This what happens when G Wagen Humps Jimny
  17. Heinie

    "G Professional " goes Arctic Truck

    In the latest Leisure Wheels Magazine it is reported that Mercedes Benz Centurion and TJM is partnering in creating an Arctic G - Class with 35-inch wheels. Spoken with Gary Swemmer who confirmed conversion is about 90% completed. Would be very intrusting to see? Regards Heinie