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  1. Heinie

    Bridging Fuel Pump Relay 230GE

    Suggest you speak to Dirk Wensel he fixed mine on the 300GE.
  2. Heinie

    Gulf wings

    I came across the attached link should someone want to enquire. Seems to be Top quality...
  3. Heinie

    G350 Recovery points

    Good day Wally Welcome to the forum. First time I see your profile. Please tell us of yourself as a intro to the forum. Thank you Heinie
  4. Heinie

    Truck Style ‘PUR’ Side Mirrors

    I suppose it is for the build in defroster Pierre - some of the Prof owners experienced problems with the factory fitted ones as it would not switch off.
  5. Heinie

    Truck Style ‘PUR’ Side Mirrors

    Also intrested
  6. Heinie

    My 280 Ge Project

    Cornel, Hella and Bosch will also work fine - anything better than Standard Beams on the Prof.
  7. Heinie

    Stainless steel tanks

    Any of the Hondas for sale Andrew?
  8. Heinie

    Last Social Outing for 2019

    Due to unforeseen issues beyond my control I had to cancel. Next time - :(
  9. Heinie

    Last Social Outing for 2019

    Theo Vermaak has kindly offered Booyzynkraal to club members and their families for the weekend of 13-16 December. For those who are not familiar with the farm, it was the venue of our AGM this year. It is situated +/- 40 km outside Witbank. It will be a camping only weekend. For those who...
  10. Heinie

    Cracked oil pan on 280GE

    Something to do Freek, lucky man....
  11. Heinie

    White rear springs

    Leo in away I am glad you dropped the ball;) May I sneak in at the backdoor with a request on rear springs for a 463 300GE 1993 Shorty. Nice comfort ride but sagged in the rear and would like to give it a lift. Do not want to compromise on comfort though. Please your best advise on colours...
  12. Heinie

    4 x G Class Professional 7.5x16 Alloy Rims for sale

    What are you replacing them with?
  13. Heinie

    Rear suspension springs for SWB

    Fig Still available should you want them -
  14. Heinie

    Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen 5-Door Double Door Interior Table

    Any for the single backdoor?
  15. Heinie

    Looking for oldest G-Wagon in South Africa

    Thank you guys - will check it out.
  16. Heinie

    Looking for oldest G-Wagon in South Africa

    Pete, I am having difficulty every time going to different MBSA dealers to find the 460 shorty on their system. Apparently it has one extra digit on the VIN? Could you perhaps assist from the VIN on the NATIS and corresponding licence disk. It was bought via McCarthy Randburg on 25/05/83 in the...
  17. Heinie

    This place we call home - picture thread.

    Great Limpopo Berg to Bush Trail - 21 - March 2019
  18. Heinie

    Shockabsorbers for a LWB 460

    Dawie try Mikem they are in Selby JHB Eloff street ext suppliers and servicing of Bilstein Shocks. Very professional and helpful. Had rear shocks put on my 460 shorty and very happy. They also converted my steering damper to Bilstein.