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  1. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Restored 280GE on Gumtree

  2. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Transmission / Gearbox - engine match

    How does one know whether a gearbox "fits" on an engine? My assumptions are: 1. splines, length and diameter etc. of output shaft? 2. diameter of bell housing and fixing of housing-to-engine? 3. pressure plate and torque converter etc. of course. How does one get this information without...
  3. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Unimog 406 on 4x4community

    I found this mog for sale on 4x4community: https://www.4x4community.co.za/classifieds/showproduct.php/product/52239/title/unimog-406/cat/4
  4. Gerhard van Rooyen

    230GE 5dr

    1989 230GE with 3,2l straight six (M104)(Mercedes-Benz) petrol motor (GoTech management system). All original 230 parts and wiring still in place for return to original. Original 5spd manual gearbox. The car came with a drawer system which I have removed because I used a different setup. The...
  5. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Mog on Facebook

  6. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Tyre Compressors

    Helo All As with the battery thread I think a compressor thread may be useful. Does anyone have experience with this compressor - is it worthwhile to get?
  7. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Steering shaft and knuckle

    Helo I find quite a bit of play on the steering of my 460. I have tested various things and there is only one real possible cause left, and that is a worn knuckle on the steering shaft. Has anyone replaced theirs? Any thoughts/spare ones laying around/ideas would be appreciated. Regards
  8. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Steel wheel centre caps

    Helo I am looking for centre caps for steel wheels if anybody has lying around. Thanks.
  9. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Durban (KZN) G-Owners get-together.

    Helo All We would like to meet fellow G-owners from the Durban/KZN area. We are going to Killarney near Shongweni on Saturday 28 July to meet other G-owners, take a short scenic drive and those that want can stay for a lunch braai. I will post details later. Any suggestions welcome. We hope...
  10. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Unimog 416 on Facebook

    Helo This was sent to me. https://www.facebook.com/groups/hilux4x4.classifieds/permalink/1636698133033201/?sale_post_id=1636698133033201
  11. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Cracked Brake line

    Helo I recently experienced a strange occurrence of a brake line leaking through a crack right at the end. It is the first time I see this so not sure whether it is common or not? I assume it is the result of over-tightening of the screw? Just a heads up. Did the bush mechanics course...
  12. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Brake Caliper not central

    I recently discovered after fitting new brake discs, having calipers services and new brake pads fitted that the left caliper does not sit central to the disc - with the measuring tools I had I measured the distances between hub and knuckle mounts, caliper sizes (space where disc can be seen...
  13. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Battery Size

    Helo. I would like to know how do I know how one determines the size battery for a specific engine. I found the Willard battery guide online which also explains the difference between battery types as well as a vehicle guide. My car has a '90s 3,2l petrol engine from an E-class, According to...
  14. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Running G chassis

    Helo I have recently had the privilege of visiting the MB dealer in Munich - in the G section (yes, there is a G section) they have this running chassis, so I thought I will take some pics for those that need a factory example of what it should look like. Rgds,
  15. Gerhard van Rooyen

    460 Rear seat and seat belt differences

    Helo I may be posting info that some know already but I could not find anything on the forum so here it is: I recently discovered that the rear seat belts of my 460 5dr have been removed to make space for an under-seat water tank. I then discovered that not all 460's have the same rear seat...
  16. Gerhard van Rooyen

    300GD on Gumtree

    A few years ago this was for sale for less than R50k. https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-cars-bakkies/bedfordview/mercedes-benz-300gd-gclass/1002213652710910006683809
  17. Gerhard van Rooyen

    240GD for sale on Gumtree

  18. Gerhard van Rooyen

    230GE engine for sale

    Not mine ;) https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-car-replacement-parts/tongaat/merc-230-petrol-102-complete-engine-for-sale/1002195064890911317965109
  19. Gerhard van Rooyen

    460 Petrol Tank Damage

    Helo I tried searching the forum for previous threads with similar problems, found related but not exactly the same. I removed my 230's petrol tank (type with two kidneys) and found a small pin hole leak on the floor of the tank. The tank has rust spots (pits) all over (I don't think the...
  20. Gerhard van Rooyen

    ML, GL, Sprinter Spotting

    I suppose we can post "spottings" of other MB 4x4's here?