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  1. Gerhard van Rooyen

    280GE - Starting Issue

    Accumulator quite pricey IIRC. I once had to replace on on my VW Fox after a loooooong struggle to find the problem! VW one was very cheap. Have you tested other fuel relays Doug?
  2. Gerhard van Rooyen

    G spotting

    Another G used in our own Cape Town Mafia movie scene. From the new Deon Meyer mini series.
  3. Gerhard van Rooyen

    2007 G55 for Sale

    @Andrew - you forgot to mention much slower and noisier too...
  4. Gerhard van Rooyen

    2007 G55 for Sale

    Very nice car indeed at a very good price! sad that you have to let it go.
  5. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Project G wanted

    Apologies - I have just seen your other post saying that this one is sold.
  6. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Project G wanted

    Helo Jurgen I know about this one, not sure if still available.
  7. Gerhard van Rooyen

    G spotting

    I spotted a good looking G500 in Kloof this morning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Restored 280GE on Gumtree

  9. Gerhard van Rooyen

    SOLD 230GE OM606 for sale (Stu's old vehicle)

    Congratulations Gregg, A nice vehicle indeed.
  10. Gerhard van Rooyen

    SOLD - 1994 W463 G 300 Diesel - 4sp Auto - RHD

    Congratulations, and to the new owner, I am sure they will enjoy it alot.
  11. Gerhard van Rooyen

    New (to me) - GL 500 2010

    Remember to keep an eye on the speedo on the N1.. ;D Enjoy.
  12. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Project Car 230GE ( with 300D engine ) for Sale KZN

    I can have a look if anyone is interested.
  13. Gerhard van Rooyen

    New (to me) - GL 500 2010

    A real great car! you will enjoy it a lot! That 500 is such a nice motor!
  14. Gerhard van Rooyen

    280GE - Fuel Float / Sender unit

    The sender unit in the tank is quite pricey - about R3000 if I am not mistaken. They don't easily break it is just the wires that go - and as Alan said he has the correct wire with which I fixed mine and works perfectly. If yours was connected to that other gauge and it is working, then I...
  15. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Mercedes-Benz G Professional G300 | 2017 4x4 of the Year Contender | 4X4 Australia

    Interesting Rolf. Does a snorkel sort out the issues or is the problem with the actual box where the cleaner element is housed in? Is the problem water related or warm air intake, or something else?
  16. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Transmission / Gearbox - engine match

    Thanks Antony, Yes that makes me think that I have seen GoTech lists MB gearboxes as one of the manufacturers that they support on some of their gearbox management systems, I must say that if they manage the gearboxes as well as the engines then, like you say, it wouldn't be such a challenge to...
  17. Gerhard van Rooyen

    Transmission / Gearbox - engine match

    Helo All, Thank you all very much for replying so thoroughly. So the conclusion is that there are no documented references (here I mean also diameters and specifications of gearboxes and engines stating necessary dimensions etc.) to indicate which gearboxes would be possible to fit to which...
  18. Gerhard van Rooyen

    G-Wagon Wanted

    PM sent