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  1. Maritz

    W460 300GD

    My 300gd broke the timing guide and timing chain a few days ago, any advise where to buy parts. MB charges close to R2000 for a timing tensioner, and almost the same for a chain. It seems excessive. Any advise would be appreciated.
  2. Maritz

    W460 front suspension

    I have a 300GD W460. I have some play on the steering, but if I turn the steering wheel, I can see the suspension is responding immediately. I do not think it is on the steering boks. Any ideas? I dont know how to post a video, please check my page for videos. Tnx...
  3. Maritz

    Front suspention 460 G

    Hi. Can anyone tell me where do I get the front stabilizer bar bushes? I basicaly have to do all the bushes? Thanks
  4. Maritz

    Didderential slave cylinders

    Can anyone advise me how to rebuild the two parallel slave cylinders that sits directly under the diff leavers. Mine is in real bad condition
  5. Maritz

    Barn find

    I recently bought a 1981 300gd LWB 3door. It was standing at for about 5 years. It was driven into the shed, and just not ever started after that. What is your suggestions on what I should do before a start. I am getting the keys coming Tuesday