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New Profile Posts

  1. Dave_G
    Waiting for a W463 SWB
  2. Daniel
    Desperately seeking W460 or W461
  3. Willie Labuschagnè
  4. Christiaan
    Christiaan Johan Roodt
    Hi Johan

    I'm in London at the moment but I'm flying back tomorrow evening via Johannesburg. Is there chance I can view the vehicle Saturday afternoon. I've sold my G300 and am looking for an older G in a good condition. You can give me a call on 0827091594 (leave a message if i don't pick up, I'm in class over here)

    Best Regards

  5. Theo Vermaak
    Theo Vermaak
    Die lewe is n lied!
  6. SilverIII
    SilverIII Andrew
    Hi Andrew,
    I am seeking your advice here.Subject Engine transplant : I have located an AMG 55 SLK V8 motor with aoto box and engine management system at an all in price of R54.5k.It looks in really good all round condition.
    I would be really grateful if you could spend a few minutes giving me the benefit of your vast knowledge and experience.
    Many thanks,
  7. Louwrens du Plessis
    Louwrens du Plessis
    My project 'bad-ass' arrived home today.
  8. Wolsak
  9. Ackermann
  10. Pieter Cairncross
  11. Dawie Louw
    Dawie Louw Andrew
    Your stated in pick up advertisement: ( All rod ends now replaceable with screw-in R300 MB truck units)
    Tell me more. Part number/s for 1989 W460?
    1. Andrew
      Ad is misleading apologies

      4 identical screw in rod ends, will find part no. For you. A self made front drag link using hollow bar threaded and bent, and a modded rear.
      Apr 12, 2017
  12. Clayton Kimber
    Clayton Kimber
    Have acquired an 89 280GE Live in PTA, need good mech to go asses what needs to be done to increase perf + improve fuel cons. Help
  13. Clayton Kimber
    Clayton Kimber
    Hi to the forum.
  14. Dealtry
    Dealtry FulvDeStef
    Did you find out the fair value? What will you be asking for your G wagon?
  15. Dealtry
    Considering a 1986 230GE.
  16. SilverIII
    SilverIII Allegro
    Hi there,
    Can I ask what price are you looking at? Also do you have a spare?
    I would be interested in fitting these wheels/tyres on my G.
    R10k is what I would be prepared to pay.
    1. Allegro
      Yes 10k is wat I would take, however I don't think they will fit unless you have adapters from 112 PCD to 130 PCD (nuts on G is further apart from another than on GL)
      There is only 4x of them as the spare is a marie biscut
      Jan 29, 2017
  17. Antony
    Antony Victor Bouguenon
    Hi Victor,

    I'd be interested in the centre console, I have an old 461 it should fit. What price were you thinking of? Regards
  18. Martin
    Martin Rolf Redecker
    Hi Rolf.
    Is it your double cab G? I am starting with a double cab conversion...... Will you be so kind to send me some details and photos. Eg what is you wheelbase
    My cell number is 0845154075

    Kind Regards Martin
  19. DaveG
    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a good/affordable mechanic, that understands older Ml diesels in the Pretoria area? Regards David
  20. Rolf Redecker
    Rolf Redecker PUCHG
    Goeie dag Anton,
    ek hoop dit gaan goed!? Ek beplan 'n aanval op jou:
    Ons beoog om van 10 of 11 Desember to die 21 ste Desember in die Stellenbosch omgewing te wees.
    Vir die tyd benodig ek 'n staanplek vir 'n groot treiler (kartreiler),
    moontlik kan jy my help of met die regte persone in kontak bring?
    Logies is ek bereid om daarvoor te betaal.
    By voorbaat dankie en groete
    Rolf Redecker